Jill Smith: Web Designer / Developer at Insight Marketing Design, Sioux Falls, SD

Jill Smith

Web Developer/Designer

Jill started at Insight in 2008 and her role has evolved to mostly digital projects during that time. With an education in graphic design, web design and web development, she started her career with the digital future in mind.

As she has advanced her skills as a developer, her digital design techniques have kept pace. She is acutely tuned in to user experience, but she also understands the importance of artistry and efficiency. Jill has designed and developed sites for many of Insight’s clients over the years.

Jill still gets to select traditional design projects to work on — whenever she has a break in the digital workflow. She has designed branding graphics, print pieces and even worked as a colorist on a children’s book project. Jill has won numerous national and international awards for her work.


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