Roger Nolan
Insight Marketing Design - Roger Nolan, Account Executive

Roger Nolan

Account Executive

Prior to joining Insight, Roger had 20 years of sales and marketing experience. As the Regional Sales Manager, Director of Client Services and Director of Business Development at three large companies in Sioux Falls, he worked with clients throughout the nation.

Roger has a deep understanding of the sales aspects of business. From defining the right incentive program to determining a target audience, Roger can contribute detailed programs and commonsense know-how. Once goals are defined Roger can instantly segue to how clients should communicate or market a message. Whether it’s rebuilding a brand-voice or discovering brand advocates, Roger is the man.

Roger works daily with many of Insight’s clients and is always looking to grow his client roster. If you’d like to spend some time with Roger and get his perspective on your marketing ideas, invite him to play golf. He can’t refuse a golf invitation.


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