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BENEFITS OF running optimized digital campaigns on multiple networks


Digital marketing is an effective, measurable component in multi-media campaigns. Insight Marketing Design’s digital strategist and media director worked together to create a multi-pronged campaign that included both broadcast media and several digital tactics.

The digital components included Search, Display, Remarketing and Video Ads. Over the course of seven months, Insight Marketing Design has monitored and optimized the campaign to achieve more effective results for our client.

Period: October 2015 (campaign Start date) – April 2016 (last month)

Insight Marketing Design created a digital campaign that utilized multiple networks in order to reach and convert prospects. The campaign included search, display and video tactics. Each network was selected with a specific strategy in mind.

Over the course of seven months, Insight Marketing Design has monitored and optimized the campaign to achieve more effective results for our client.

Search campaigns are characterized by text ads appearing on the Google search engine, triggered by a customer entering a search query that matches chosen keywords. This Search campaign included enhancements, such as “Click to Call” conversions and affinity group remarketing tactics.



Display Campaigns are characterized as image, animated or text ads which show on third party websites, based on a variety of trigger methods, such as selected websites, keywords, subject matter or topic of website. Display ads are an excellent tactic for contextual marketing campaigns – when prospective customers visit a website based on a specific interest or search query, the display ads are served to new prospects.

Unlike text ads, high numbers of impressions are desirable, since display ads are often used to promote brand awareness.



YouTube, the second biggest search engine in the world, is the perfect channel to deliver video ads. Insight Marketing Design recently advised a client to include Video ads in its online campaign.

Video ads used to be the Pre-Roll ads you encountered before watching a video clip. But video ads are now showing up in other channels. The benefits of motion, sound and graphics make video ads an extremely effective channel for engaging client’s prospective customers.



Together, these multiple channels provided a synergistic campaign that delivered more views, conversions and click-thrus than if we had relied on one channel alone.


  • Clicks – the number of individual clicks on ads
  • Impressions – number of time the ads are shown on Google
  • Click Though Rate – % of people exposed to the ad who click on it.
  • Ad Rank – position of the ad shows on page
  • Cost per Click – the average cost paid by customer per ad click
  • Conversion – When a site visitor performs an action that matches your advertising goals, such as submitting a Contact Form, Requesting a Quote, etc.
  • Contact Us Conversions – Submission of a contact from
  • Call Conversion – Customer who sees or clicks through the ad calls the company

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