Department of Labor – Dakota Roots

As part of South Dakota’s economic development program, Dakota Roots helps hundreds of companies across the state connect with a capable, talented workforce. Insight Marketing Design was selected by the South Dakota Department of Labor to refresh the Dakota Roots brand. Insight created a fresh, new logo for the program, and developed collateral materials (cards and brochures) in addition to updating the program’s website.

“Home for the Holidays” campaign was an 8-week, 50-day campaign, a statewide initiative by the Department of Labor. The goal of the Department of Labor’s “Home for the Holidays” campaign was to bring qualified workers into South Dakota’s labor force. The holiday season is a time when former residents visit the state for holiday and family events – and is a time to tap into the positive emotions tied to memories of living in our state.

Campaign Elements

  • Logo
  • Newspaper campaign
  • Magazine ads
  • Brochure
  • TV commercial
  • Handout card
  • Online ads
  • Website


Target Audiences

  • Former South Dakotans with friends and/or family still in the state
  • Friends & family members of South Dakotans who have moved out of state

Campaign Goal

  • Drive target audiences to Dakota Roots website to connect with SD employers


The Dept. of Labor reported a dramatic increase in web traffic and placement requests as a direct result of the Home for the Holidays campaign.

Online Marketing Results

The online marketing campaign achieved nearly 1.2 million impressions during the 8-week period, and garnered 1,437click-throughs to the Dakota Roots’ website. Search Engine Marketing statistics achieved an average CTR of 2.339%.

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