Novak Sanitation

Insight created a business-to-consumer marketing campaign intended to reinforce Novak as the sanitation provider of choice. And when Novak Sanitation became a sponsor in Sioux Falls’ high-profile event center, Insight used this opportunity to create top-of mind-awareness for our client via branded signage throughout the center. 

Award Winning, Campaign, Digital Marketing
Recycling Rewards billboard - second design.
Award Winning, Campaign, Digital Marketing
To promote Novak Sanitary Services Recycling Rewards Program, Insight hand-built a series of attention-getting billboard ad designs, using recycled materials.
Experiential, Print & Design
Insight used Novak's sponsorship of a new event center as an opportunity to create branded signage throughout the center.
Broadcast, Campaign
Insight "borrowed" the University of Sioux Falls' fight song for Novak's radio spot that airs in USF football games.
Campaign, Print & Design
Novak Sanitation's sponsorship of Sioux Falls' high-profile event center was an opportunity to create top-of mind-awareness for the company.
Campaign, Print & Design
In an increasingly crowded marketplace, Novak's direct mail piece to customers differentiated the company, resulting in customer retention.