April 2010

My Mayor Mike

Mayor Mike

On Tuesday night, Insight staffers turned out for our second election night party in one month. And, we’re happy to report that Our Man Mike Huether was the winner both nights.

Mayor Mike Heuther’s campaign was Insight’s first foray into political campaigning, and it was everything that we expected – and then some. Political campaigns require lightning-fast responses: creative production that addresses hot-button issues and media buys that turn on a dime. Our media buyer, Alicia Schumacher, even admitted that she dreamt about media insertion orders and spreadsheets! Not surprisingly, we saw social media play a growing role in political campaigning, with interactive strategist Brandon Tilus keeping an eye on all things digital.

It was exciting to see the inside mechanics of the campaign: the strategy and the counter-strategy, the emotional highs and lows. Best of all, it was great to work for a guy that we truly believe will make a positive impact on our city.

Thanks for including us on your journey, Mike. Good things to come!

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