July 2012

Social media meets old-school socializing

Social Media

Recently, Insight Marketing Design invited all our Facebook friends to join us for a beverage at Monk’s House of Ale Repute. Our goal was two-fold; first to simply relax and enjoy some good, old-fashioned socializing, the other was to examine the duality of social media. While social media does help keep people in touch, it also allows us to create the illusion of socializing without the need for deeper, face-to-face interaction.

Our group of approximately 40 attendees had a great time and good conversations without a single LIKE button used to show appreciation. When the questioned was posed, “Does social media make you more or less social,” most agreed that while they may interact regularly with more people online, they tend to feel less compelled to engage in “real-world” socializing.

It’s no surprise the Internet continues to alter how we all interact, though we hope we never forget how enjoyable it is to sit across from friends and share some off-line time.

(Editor’s note: Here’s a link to photos from the Social Media Social Hour.)


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