October 2012

Pinterest & Props inspire Harvest Fest


At this year’s annual Insight Marketing Design Harvest Fest we once again pushed the limits of our skill sets. Insight’s staff of artists, writers and client service people stepped away from their computers and phones and took the basic tools of Halloween in hand.

Armed with knives, hot glue guns, ping-pong balls, glitter and, of course, ice cold malt beverages, we focused all our attention on the artistic medium du jour…pumpkins. As we gutted these innocent gourds we gorged on our seemingly endless potluck buffet. Several staffers admitted to browsing Pinterest for inspiration, while others went “free style.” When the knives and various implements of vegetable destruction were finally laid down, the results were truly horrifying, and in a few cases, that was actually the intent.

Keep the fun going by visiting our Facebook page to vote for your favorite. Happy Harvest Fest from your friends at Insight Marketing Design.


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