January 2013

Is it time to rethink your planning for 2013?


The Mayans were wrong! So while we bid adieu to 2012, we look forward to planning for 2013.

Each year brings new challenges and new opportunities. The goal is to minimize the first and maximize the second. For businesses, this means planning for 2013 with a well-thought-out approach to retaining and growing your customer base.

Today’s marketing environment is constantly changing. The plans we develop for Insight Marketing Design’s clients are built to be fluid. Long gone are the days when you created an ad campaign and just let it run. The digital realm dictates constant monitoring and adjusting to maximize this vital part of the marketing mix.

The 2013 catch phrase for successful marketers should be “plan ahead and plan to change your plan.”

As part of our agency’s “Planned Fluidity,” you’ll soon see a lot of exciting changes to Insight Marketing Design’s digital presence. Be sure to check out this blog and our Facebook page every week to stay abreast of all 2013 has to offer.

If there’s a subject or topic you’d like to read about in our blog, leave a comment here.

Happy 2013 from your friends at Insight Marketing Design.


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