January 2013

Marketing Insights: Social Media Truths

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Marketing Insights: Selfish sinks social media.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest provide companies a great, cost-effective way to reach their consumers. Like any marketing tool, to get the most benefit you need a strategy and plan. One of the most important things you can put into your plan is to “not be selfish.”

You must remember that people visit social media sites to have fun. To visit friends and get all the latest cyber-gossip. They choose their “friends” based on how much entertainment, emotional connection or perceived value they get out of them.

When developing a corporate presence within a social media context, you need to remember you’re a guest of your audience. You haven’t paid for a place on their page like you do with traditional media. This means you need to continually share things of interest and value to your audience.

If your social presence is all about you and what you want, people will stop paying attention to you and fairly quickly delete you entirely. Which means you’ve lost not just a customer but also potentially thousands of customers that may have resulted from that individual sharing your post.

So as you’ve been taught since childhood…don’t be selfish.  

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