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Marketing Insights: Storytelling

Insights:Marketing Insights: Storytelling

February 12, 2013

Since the earliest days of mankind, storytelling is how people have shared ideas and taught lessons. “When Uck Uck tried to ride the Wooly Mammoth he got squashed.” Things haven’t changed much from then. People still look to stories to guide their decision making process. The true benefit of good stories is that they operate on an emotional level. Poor Uck Uck, glad that wasn’t me.

We’ve all seen commercials that have made us cry or laugh or feel proud, in other words marketing that created an emotional response from us. By doing this, the advertiser told us a story that connected to something much deeper than their product offering. They have taken their product benefit beyond rational decision-making and made it more desirable because we “feel” that it is.

The moral of this story is that making your product or service more desirable requires good storytelling. People are exposed to thousands of marketing messages every day. Our brains have been trained to ignore most of them. It’s the ones that engage and intrigue us that get beyond this filter and create a reaction. So don’t just tell people what you’re selling, connecting with them is what creates marketing success stories.


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