March 2013

Marketing Insights: Is that an ad in your pocket?

Marketing Insights: Is That An Ad In Your Pocket?

More people bought a Smartphone in 2012 than a PC. In fact, over 10 million iOS and Android devices were activated on Christmas day alone. And, as we all know, where the eyes and attention of the consumer goes, mobile ads must follow.

According to a Nielsen Study, approximately 57 percent of Smartphone users in the United States see at least one mobile ad a day. You can safely assume that number will increase exponentially.

The true challenge to successfully marketing on mobile platforms is how intrusive it is perceived to be by the general public -worse even than the old-fashioned telemarketers call during dinner.

Some approaches that are presently garnering the best results are ones that encourage interaction by being fun, providing tangible rewards or useful and timely information.

What is being considered as the ultimate use of this recent messaging platform is location-based advertising. It promises to be the “impulse items by the cash register” of the digital age. Coupons, special offers and promotions delivered when the product is near by. It’s the dream of every marketer…connecting to the right consumer at exactly the right time.

As mobile marketing continues its rapid growth, we’ll soon see if ads in everybody’s pockets will translate to pocketfuls of money for businesses.

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