June 2013

Marketing Insights: Does your business need a tagline?


Everyone knows what a tagline is when they see one – “Just do it,” “Got milk,” “Like a rock,” etc. But it is important for marketers to understand the proper function of a tagline in order to create an effective one.

A simple definition is that a tagline quickly and concisely communicates your brand promise to consumers. It is not a descriptor of your service or product, but it tells the emotional benefits of choosing your company or product.

What do taglines do?

  • They help your company standout from the competition. 
  • They position your product or service in a unique memorable way. 
  • They help reposition a company when the company’s direction changes. 
  • They elicit an emotional response and provide a personality to a brand.

Which is a lot to ask from just a few words.

Finding that perfect combination of a few words that truly captures not just a company’s personality and differences, but also captures the audience’s attention and imagination is one of the biggest challenges in marketing. It can also potentially offer the biggest return on investment.

So, to answer the question of whether your business needs a tagline or not: if your company can benefit from added recall, benefit reinforcement and top-of-mind awareness, then yes…as long as you remember that when it comes to taglines “Quality is Job 1.”


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