August 2013

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From time to time a client will ask whether or not their new website should include a blog.

The answer is yes. And no.

A good blog requires a time commitment. Bloggers must carve out time to generate copy that’s interesting to their readers. Hint: it can be easier to write several posts at once, and then post on a regular schedule.

A good blog also requires interesting content. What’s happening in your industry? Blogs can also “re-purpose” articles from a white paper, an industry news clip or even an email newsletter.

Why blog? Blogging improves your website SEO (search engine optimization) because fresh content garners the attention of Google, Bing and Yahoo. More importantly, a blog post can start a conversation with current customers or prospective customers. They’ll share it, link it and even comment on it.

Blogs make us think…and can ask the question “what do you think?”

That being said, some of my “go-to” blogs are:

What blogs do you read?


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