October 2013

Marketing Insights: 4 Steps to an Effective Elevator Pitch

Elevator Pitch

What does your company do?

It’s a simple enough question, but it can leave even the most experienced CEO tongue-tied. If your answer is “ummm…” you have just missed a great business opportunity.

That’s where your elevator pitch comes in. An elevator pitch is a quick speech that is designed to create interest in your company. It should be engaging and explain what makes your company different.

Here are a few steps that can help you make the most of impromptu opportunities:

1: Decide what your objective is.
Once you understand what you hope to get out of your speech, you can craft your message accordingly. Are you trying to get a meeting? Have someone visit your website, make a sale, provide information for future consideration?

2: Give a succinct overview of what you do.
What do you want people to remember about your company? What is the value you offer your customers? What are the tangibles you provide? Start by answering these questions and you’ll help your listener understand the big picture.

3: Tell them what makes you unique.
This is when you share compelling reasons to choose your company or product over your competitors. Tell them what makes you a better choice. It could be the way you do business, the quality of your product or anything else that makes you stand out.

4: Ask questions of your listener.
At this point you want to engage your listener in a discussion. Have prepared open-ended questions ready and use them to learn more about your listener’s particular needs.

Once you have crafted your elevator pitch, you should share it within your organization. This is the speech everyone should use to portray a consistent message to potential customers. Another benefit is that this speech will help clarify to your employees what your company does and why it does it better.


Here’s Insight’s elevator pitch:
Insight Marketing Design develops innovative, creative insights to grow our clients’ businesses or initiatives. We work in all mediums from online and broadcast to print and non-traditional approaches. 


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