December 2013

Marketing Insights: Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday

The post Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping frenzy analysis is in and the results are not surprising.

The loser this year for initial holiday shopping dollars was the much beleaguered brick and mortar stores. This year, same store sales for Friday fell 13.2 percent while online sales rose 20%.

Both Black Friday and Cyber Monday may soon be a quaint holiday tradition of years gone by.

Black Friday has become diluted by Thanksgiving and even the week before specials as stores continue to move the shopping season earlier.

Cyber Monday was first coined because most people didn’t have high-speed Internet connection at home, so they needed to wait until they got to work on Monday to shop online. Now almost everyone has a high-speed connection at home, so the only reason Cyber Monday has any significance is the deals that can be found. But just like brick and mortar retailers, online retailers are going to continue to move those specials earlier in the season.

So while the Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday slugfest continues for now, we may very well be watching a death-match with no winner.


Next week’s topic – Decking the halls Insight style.


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