February 2014

Marketing Insights: Mobilizing a Social Media Campaign with Hugs

Imd Hugs

On Valentine’s Day, Insight Marketing Design asked how can we show we care? 

We decided to send Hugs to Austin, a little boy in Tea, SD. Austin lost his arms and legs to a rare form of meningitis and uses a wheelchair to get around. That means he needs a wheelchair accessible home, and A Home for Austin was established to build that home for him.

Back to Valentine’s Day — Insight Marketing Design created Hugs, a social media campaign on Facebook, and asked our Facebook friends to share the Hugs. For every Hug shared on Facebook, we promised to donate $1 to A Home for Austin.

In a little less than 15 hours, 80 people shared the Hugs, and more than 5622 people saw the post.

There’s still time to send Austin a Hug with your own donation to A Home for Austin.


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