August 2014

Rebranding – raising expectations by refreshing a brand

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It’s the opportunity that agencies dream of: the chance to completely rebrand a well-established organization.

The results of Insight Marketing Design’s work for CorTrust Bank launched this month. It’s been an exciting and exhilarating journey that started with our creative presentation in April.

Actually it began before the presentation. Branding sessions with CorTrust’s marketing team helped Insight’s creative team understand the goals of the bank, and get some working knowledge of how to create the new brand voice for CorTrust.

The rebranding campaign started at the core of the brand – the logo. While we didn’t change the logo, Insight adjusted the icon and the word mark – intrinsic changes that made the logo more readable and more uniform. Then we wrote a Brand Guide for CorTrust’s staff on how to use the logo and, just as importantly, how NOT to use the logo.

Next we created the campaign theme – a positioning line that you’ll see in all the marketing materials:  Raise your expectations. It’s a brand promise that CorTrust Bank is making to its customers.

As Insight Marketing Design’s creative team worked through the various executions for the campaign: television, radio, website, print ads, outdoor and signage, CorTrust’s marketing team developed an internal marketing campaign to keep staff informed of the new marketing messages. In fact, before the updated website went live, CorTrust’s director of marketing elicited input from bank staff to ensure the launch went smoothly.

And, while the creative team was developing the messages for multiple mediums, our media team was planning and negotiating a multi-state media buy in television, radio, newspaper, outdoor and online.

So, the first of two television commercials were introduced in primetime sports programming. The newspaper ads, billboards and other advertising followed.

Hint: watch for the purple balloons.

Below are some samples of the work we have been doing with CorTrust.

CorTrust Direct Mail Piece

CorTrust Radio Spot

CorTrust Television Spot

CorTrust BillBoard

CorTrust Billboard

CorTrust Print Ad

CorTrust Print Rebranding

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