September 2014

Marketing Insights: Surprising Insights.

Blog Surprise

A great insight tends to surprise people.

That statement alone is a good insight into the nature of insights.

When people are insightful they look beyond the surface and discover an underlying truth. People become so used to looking at things a certain way, changing their view often comes as a surprise. A surprise that makes them re-think, re-evaluate and re-focus on a subject that, until exposed by the insight, has become virtually invisible. This is what makes powerful insights such a powerful tool for marketing.

People remember things that surprise them. They think about them long after the surprise and share them with other people. In other words, two major marketing goals, recall and word-of-mouth.

Our agency believes in the power of insight so much we named our company after it.

Clever and pretty are quickly forgotten, but combined with a powerful insight you can truly stand out in the market place. A single insight can define an entire company and create a compelling (and memorable) reason for customers to choose you over the competition.

Maximizing the benefits of an insight depends heavily on the way it’s presented and showing how the insight directly relates to your target market, but when done correctly insight based marketing will almost certainly create surprising results.

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