October 2014

Is the Internet just a fad?

Internet Fad

After you get done chuckling at this blog’s headline…yes, we all know the Internet is here to stay and has become a vital part of every day life.

But the truth is today’s web is fad-tastic, fad-topia and super fad-driven.

Website layouts and social media come-ons predominately follow the latest design or concept fad presently in vogue. The latest coding tricks and site architecture drive a lot of site design along with the desire to look current and relevant, resulting in a wave of look-alikes washing over the Internet.

The “Answer 10 Questions” and we’ll tell you what kind of book, fruit, movie star or any other mineral, animal or solar body you are is presently fad-slapping the old “how smart are you” quizzes in the social media world. All these internet fad approaches work to some degree for a while, but they’re a risky way to build your online brand.

Inter fads have two big problems…one, they’re fads so by its very definition it won’t last long. And two, you’ll end up looking and sounding like everyone else…which is never a good way to separate yourself in a crowded marketplace.

Accepting that the Internet really is a big ever-changing digital fad can allow you to look beyond what’s faddy and create work that will truly stand out.



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