October 2014

Marketing Insight: Respect your customers.

Customer Target

Your business’s target market is made up of your ideal customers. Without customers you won’t have a business; without your business, your customers will just take their business elsewhere. That fact alone should command respect from you for your customers.

You should also respect that fact that consumers know your marketing messages are designed to get them to spend money with you. You will never trick them into thinking your goal is something different. Even if your message is not a direct “buy” storyline, they know you’re trying to get them to think well of you and remember you so that when they decide to buy something they will choose you.

Marketing isn’t fooling anyone, which is why it is so important to respect your customers and reward those who interact with your communications.

Ads that leverage a truth to entertain, engage and make the audience feel something provide value.

On the other hand, treating people like they are stupid and talking down to them will devalue whatever your company has to offer.

Remember you’re somebody’s customer. Would you rather do business with someone who treats you with distain or with respect?

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