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Holiday Ornament Contest

Insights:Insight’s Holiday Ornament Contest

December 19, 2014

Insight Marketing Design’s team typically works with carefully crafted strategies and briefs to ensure that what we create, whether it is broadcast, digital, print or a myriad of other marketing vehicles, is on target and appropriate for the audience.

Our annual holiday ornament contest is nothing like that. 

Every year our staff creates homemade ornaments to hang on Insight’s Tannenbaum. The important thing to remember that this includes every one, not just our seriously talented artist, so this holiday tradition puts dangerous things like hot glue guns, X-acto knives and sparkles in the hands of people like writers, account executives, media planners and even bookkeepers. The outcome, besides wounds and glued-together body parts, is always amusing. 

Fortunately you don’t have to just imagine what this burst of Christmas creativity looks like, you can visit our Facebook page to view them all and cast your vote for your favorite. We just ask that you be kind to those of us who are artistically challenged.

Click here to vote for your favorite Insight ornament.

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