March 2015

Marketing: Keeping it spring fresh.

Blog Springtime

Spring is upon us. A season of renewal and rebirth and as the world around us burst into color and new life, it’s a good time to reflect…. on your marketing.

Marketing materials need to remain fresh to be noticed. Running the same ads for too long turns them invisible to your target audience. Another risk of not freshening your marketing mix is that your business can appear one dimensional.

Fresh marketing tells a story and, to hold a person’s interest, every good story needs to continually evolve. Once your marketing has started a story, it’s important that it continues to build, with new insights and benefits, on what went before.

When Insight Marketing Design creates a new Marketing Campaign for our clients, we think ahead and ask “what comes next?” Where will this story lead and how will it continue to be compelling to a target market? In the marketing industry we call it an idea with “legs.” We want to find a narrative that will carry itself forward and last without becoming uninteresting. 

It’s important to allow your existing campaign to run long enough to get noticed and gain recall through repetition, but it’s just as important to keep it fresh and not let it become tired. 

Like the movie industry, you should always be thinking about your blockbuster sequel. 

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