April 2015

Marketing Insights: Little Steps

Blog Little Steps

Sometimes we are tasked with creating marketing for products, services or causes that are great for the world. Things that are dripping with heart-touching or emotion-lifting elements. Story aspects that would have anyone with a heartbeat shaking their head and saying “amen!” 

The challenge comes in when you realize these great hooks have all been used to death. You realize that people are extremely familiar with why they should act, buy or support whatever it is being promoted. 

The reality is that the expected approaches have been tried.

They have converted many and left many more unchanged. Why the apathy of the non-converted? So many reasons it will make your head spin, so spinning the story is your only recourse.

Most people want to do the right thing. Turning that “want” into an actual “action” sometimes takes ignoring the obvious and changing the story’s focus even if that means skipping the big challenge and highlighting the small ones.

Little steps lead to big changes and can be much less arduous to get people to take.

This method is also very effective in product and service marketing. You may find your marketing provides a better return if you ask your potential customers to take only a little step — and then take that opportunity to gently walk them through the ways a relationship with your company will benefit them.



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