May 2015

Marketing Insights: How to make blogging a habit.

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There are a lot of good reasons for your business or organization to blog. Blogging is an ideal way to improve your search engine optimization. New valuable content is one of the keys to getting and maintaining high rankings. Blogging also gives your audience a reason to return to your site regularly. And, an interesting and informative blog can position your company as an industry leader.

One of the biggest challenges for any blog is growing and keeping an audience. There are millions and millions of blogs for readers to choose from, so, when you start to attract readers, it is vitally important to retain them.

Engaging, well-written content is a great start, but what many blogs fail to take into account is the value of habit.

To make reading your blog a habit for your audience, you need to create a schedule and stick to it. Whether you blog daily, weekly or monthly, you want to train your readers to expect a new blog on a regular basis.

When you blog randomly, you dramatically increase the risk of losing your hard-won audience. Checking on a blog and finding it hasn’t been updated in a while is disappointing and every time that happens increases the likelihood the reader won’t return.

If your audience knows your blogging schedule, they will make it part of their routine and literally visit out of habit. Even if a particular blog’s content isn’t of interest to a regular reader, they are still going to visit your site to see what the most recent blog is about, which keeps your company top-of-mind.

Getting the most benefit from your blogging requires that both the writer(s) and the readers make it a habit.

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