November 2015

Halloween costumes and creativity

Blog Halloween

In celebration of the spookiest of holidays, the crew at Insight Marketing Design combined craftiness and creativity for our annual Halloween costume contest. As always, the unexpected was the norm and the competition was brutal.

The annual Insight costume contest features two categories, with the winners from each pocketing cold, hard cash.

The first category was for most creative, and ended in a tie between the team of Kari Geraets and Ben Hodgins as Kramer and Elaine from Seinfeld and Sarah Swanson as Jem from Jem and the Holograms. Interestingly, all of those characters found fame in the 80s and are obviously still going strong. Another side note, all our winners in this category provided dancing, acting and singing to secure their victory.

The next category was biggest transformation. When six-foot five-ish account executive Glen Turner entered the office in full drag declaring he was Bessie Kauw in a falsetto voice, every one knew that prize had been won. Gratefully he refrained from singing and dancing.

While we did try to not schedule any meetings for that day, we did go out for a great lunch, drinks and more than a few strange looks. Visit our Facebook page to see these and all the other Insight characters and check back soon for our “Dress like a Turkey” Thanksgiving party. That turkey part was meant as a joke, I hope I didn’t give the bosses any ideas.

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