November 2015

Marketing Insights: Insight goes to college

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Giving back to our industry has always been a high priority for Insight Marketing Design. Sometimes giving back means going all the way back to college.

With the goal of helping to prepare the next generation of advertising agency professionals for the ever-growing diversity of approaches and mediums that they will face in their careers, Insight Marketing Design’s Chief Strategy Officer/Partner Candy Van Dam happily accepted an offer to speak to a University of Sioux Falls class of marketing students.

Candy shared with the students strategies for rebranding a client. Unlike creating a new brand, rebranding requires retaining the existing equity in a brand while creating something that is relevant to an ever-changing market place.

Insight has rebranded many clients, allowing Candy to share first-hand experiences and real-world results with the marketing students.

Candy said, “The students asked insightful questions and we shared some great discussions on this aspect of marketing.”

We think everyone should take advantage of opportunities to give back to their industry by mentoring and sharing knowledge with the next generation. We’re sure you’ll find, like we have, that oftentimes the interaction benefits both the students and the presenter.



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