January 2016

Marketing Insights: The billion-dollar lottery approach to marketing.

Blog Lottery

Did you hear about Powerball’s billion-dollars-and-change lottery jackpot? Unless you’ve gone off the grid and are living in a mountain cave or happened to be in a coma the last few weeks, I’m going to guess you have. Chances are, you didn’t just hear about it, but you talked about it. Discussed it with workmates, friends, family and maybe even the guy or gal behind you in line at the store.

It was exciting, it was unusual and it captured people’s imagination. In other words, it was exactly what your marketing should be.

The real power of a billion dollar prize was that it let people dream and it was clear what you had to do to keep the dream alive, for a little while anyway…buy a two dollar lottery ticket.

Successful marketing works the same way. It shares the dream of what could be and lets you know how to achieve, or be a part of it. The important thing to remember is that dreams and hopes come in all sizes and shapes. Presenting the dream of a better life, even if it’s just a little bit better, your company is offering should inspire and invigorate your target market. It should communicate the excitement and possibilities over the nuts and bolt reality.

In the end, you’ll find creating marketing that is exciting, different and encourages talk is a much more realistic way to get a billion dollars than hitting six random numbers.

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