December 2016

Marketing Insights: Interactive advertising doesn’t have to be online.

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When someone says interactive advertising, most people immediately think of online executions. Whether it’s a game, puzzle, questionnaire or any of the myriad other online activities, “interactive advertising” simply requires participation from the target audience and promotes engagement with the brand.

The reality is, however, that creating opportunities for consumer participation and engagement can work just as well, and maybe even garner better results, in the real world.

Instead of just engaging the target’s mind and maybe a few fingers for keystrokes or swipes, real-world interactive advertising has the potential for a full body experience.

Perhaps one of the most common real-world interactive advertising approaches is the sampling stations set up at your local grocery store. You are literally handling the product and putting it into your mouth—you can’t ask for more participation than that. If the server is good, they’ll try to engage you in conversation about the product and encourage an immediate purchase. This method definitely has a leg up on online media until the “internet of tasting” comes along.

Real world product demos are just one of countless ways to encourage your customers to get physically engaged with your brand. Dances, sporting events, treasure hunts and fan gatherings of all types can create a strong sense of community for your brand.

Successful marketers understand that how people feel about their brand and how they relate to it are important factors for long-term customer loyalty. So, an investment in creating engaging brand interactions in the real world and making a brand more “real” in the consumers’ minds will often pay dividends for years to come.

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