December 2016

Marketing Insights: Rebranding for Purpose and Possibilities

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Insight Marketing Design recently completed rebranding a non-profit client that offers a variety of services for developmentally disabled adults.

The client, formally known has ECCO, Inc., asked Insight to help rebrand the organization so that its marketing and messaging better reflected the energy, focus and commitment the organization offered the people and community it served.

After initial research and employee interviews, Insight identified that most people did not really understand what ECCO did or how it positively impacted their community.

Another misconception was what types of activities and employment opportunities that were available to the people they serve.

The client and Insight agreed that the name “ECCO” no longer represented their organization and, since we were going to do a rebranding, now would be the time to change it.

The new name “Valiant Living” was created to reflect the courage these people have and also to reinforce the idea that anyone can get the most out of life regardless of an individual’s situation.

The new tagline, “Purpose and Possibilities” spoke to both the mission and the spirit of the Valiant Living organization and its focus on offering programs that allow people to be productive and reach their individual goals.

Other elements included a new logo, signage, website, brochures and a video to be used when telling their story to groups and other organizations.

The video shows how Valiant Living people are important and productive members of the Madison, SD, community.

Click the play button to see the video and remember, it’s a beautiful life.

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