March 2017

Marketing Insights: trust in advertising

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Trust in advertising, consistently ranks down around used car salesmen and lawyers as far as trustworthiness; being believed can be a challenge.

According to some research findings, this perception is beginning to shift.

A recent survey of Internet users showed that 61% trust the advertising they see, read or hear. The real eye opener of this stat is that this number has increased by 11% in the last three years. In the same study, a whopping 72% said the ads they see are honest, an increase over 2014 by 16%.

In a time when trust in the government, news industry and big businesses continues to erode, it seems the advertising industry is benefiting by appearing more trustworthy compared to other institutions.

A different national survey demonstrated some surprising information on trust and advertising. Their finding stated that 80% or more of Internet users in the Untied States trusted magazine, newspaper and television ads while only 39% trusted online and mobile ads.

This makes sense when you consider all the scams and bait and switch tactics you find online, but that is still a considerable gap in believability. The truth of being honest is always the best approach.

It is so easy in today’s wired world of any marketing dishonesty to be shared with millions in a matter of minutes. Getting caught in a lie can cost a company millions in fines and rebates, result in major market share loss, bankruptcy and even put some executives in jail.

All of this is avoidable when you consider how many ways there are to promote a product instead of focusing on a feature or benefit you need to lie about to appear positive. Did you hear that “environmental friendly” diesel car maker, VW?

Of course, none of this blog will mean anything to you if you don’t believe in research survey findings.

Until next time, keep it real.

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