April 2017

Marketing Insights: The most expensive keywords

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Keywords are a vital part of marketing on the Internet. Simply put, keywords are words or phrases that are relevant to a website’s content.

Insight’s digital team spends a lot of time and effort optimizing our clients’ sites with carefully selected keywords. These keywords are one of the ways to improve a website’s ranking on search engines.

Another use of keywords is for keyword advertising. With keyword advertising you are paying to have your ad appear on a search engine when someone uses the specific words or phrases you selected.

This is another area our digital team spends a lot of time on. In addition to carefully choosing the right words and/or phrases that both reflect what you offer and what your potential customer is looking for, they also need to consider what it’s worth.

For the most part, keyword advertising works on a “highest bidder” format. Whoever will pay the most for a keyword will get to appear as an ad on the search engine results page.

So Insight’s digital team has to figure out what that potential customer is worth to the client. Using the wrong words or phrases means you’re spending money to reach someone who isn’t interested in your product or services.

Not buying the right keywords means you may be missing your chance to acquire a new customer.

Fortunately, our digital strategists at Insight Marketing Design spend a part of almost every day focused on the optimal use of keywords and are amazingly adept at providing effective and affordable solutions. Which made me wonder, what are the most expensive keywords?

I did some searching, (yes, using keywords to search keywords) and came up with the following list of the most expensive cost-per-click keywords. This is the price a company paid each time someone clicked on its ad.

1. Best mesothelioma lawyer – $935.71
2. Dallas truck accident lawyer – $424.70
3. Louisville car accident lawyer – $411.04
4. Huston 18 wheeler accident lawyer – $388.84
5. San Diego water damage – $381.65

Please keep in mind the prices of keywords are always changing based on what someone is willing to pay to have their ad shown on specific search results, so this list was already out of date the moment I typed it.

You may have also noticed that legal firms top the list of most expensive keyword buyers, thus the disclaimer I felt compelled to include about the list.

Keywords are an amazing tool for reaching potential customers who are actively looking for a product or service. And while almost $1000 for a single click can seem crazy, keep in mind many key words only cost pennies.

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