September 2017

Insights: Cheering another website launch.

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Insight creates a lot of websites for clients looking to make the most of the Internet’s vast opportunities. Our digital team uses the latest technology and most advanced coding and design approaches to ensure our client sites don’t just look good, but work great.

Considering we typically launch at least one new site, if not more, every month, you may be wondering why we’re specifically cheering the most recent launch

It’s not because it’s the largest site we’ve created or offers the most streamlined e-commerce capabilities. It’s for the simple fact that this site was built for our neighborhood brewery and craft beer bar.

Monks House of Ale Repute and Gandy Dancer Brew Works is located right across the street from the agency’s front door. This fortunate placement of our businesses has resulted in years and years of in-depth research by the Insight team.

For all these reasons, the launching of the new Monks website, including updated logo design, seemed like an ideal excuse to leave work a little early and hoist a few amazing craft beers while enjoying their much ballyhooed pizza.

We invite you to check out the new Monks House of Ale Repute site with live time updates on what kegs are tapped and how much is left in them by clicking here. An even better idea is to swing by Monks and enjoy Sioux Falls’ best selection of craft beers. Chances are you’ll see someone from Insight there.

Cheers Monks House of Ale Repute and cheers to all of Insight Marketing Design’s friends.

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