September 2017

Marketing Insights: New Insight website is alive!

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The new Insight Marketing Design website is live. In fact, we’ll go one step further and say it’s live and living.

The biological definition of a living system includes “response to stimuli, growth and development, maintenance of homeostasis as a stable whole and reproduction.”

To provide maximum value and ROI, websites need to embody many, if not all, of these attributes. Insight’s digital team took all of this into consideration when planning, developing and executing Insight’s new website.

Response to stimuli –
Our new site features a robust response to stimuli, first of all by being responsive to any screen size. This automatic reformatting provides a great user experience regardless of what device our visitor is using. The site also features the latest coding language to ensure smooth and efficient operation based on user commands. Our navigation, featuring a unique top sliding tray approach, allows multiple pathways to access information how the user prefers. Finally, is truly a two-way communication platform, featuring multiple contact features and social media integration.

Growth and development –
Chances are, no matter how often you visit it will never be the same site twice. Our site is constantly changing and growing. From new content, new work samples, new incoming and outgoing links to new case studies and regular blog entries, the Insight site remains in a constant state of flux. Besides making our site more interesting and more informative to regular visitors, search engines like Google and Bing rank active sites higher in the search results. Higher rankings translate into higher traffic counts that provide more opportunities for conversions. Conversions from visitor to customer of course being the number one goal of effective marketing websites.

Our site is also always developing to respond to the wants and needs of our target markets and changes in technology. While not featuring artificial intelligence or virtually reality capabilities yet, if this technology continues to be adopted by consumers then these may be the next developments featured on

Maintenance of homeostasis –
Homeostasis refers to the tendency of a living system to maintain internal stability owing to the coordinated response of its parts to any situation or stimulus that would tend to disturb its normal condition or function. Built with secure code and WordPress content management system, Insight’s new site is fueled by an adaptable and reliable backend. This approach allows sites to remain secure and stable while still offering a dynamic experience. WordPress provides simple updating and plug-ins for additional functionality without disrupting the core capabilities.

Reproduction –
No, we’re not saying Insight’s new website is going to birth a bunch of baby For our website and our client websites, the reproduction we design for involves reproducing desired actions. There is little value if visitors come to your site and take no action. By carefully mapping out what actions are desired, for example a purchase, a contact or providing information, we focus on reproducing that behavior with every visitor.

Like any living thing, websites need to continue to evolve, which is why we have launched the new To continue to see a healthy return on investment for your business or organization, websites require updating to remain relevant or risk becoming a digital dinosaur – and we all know how that worked out for them.

You can check out the all-new Insight website here. After you’ve had a look, let us know what you think about it on our Facebook page.

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