April 2018

Insight VP of Account Services goes to college (again)

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Insight recognizes the importance of staff development and the value this delivers to our clients. That is why we are constantly looking for opportunities to build the
knowledge base of our team in all disciplines.

A recent example of this is Insight’s Vice President of Account Services, Roger Nolan’s trip to the windy city also know as Chicago, IL to attend a two-day seminar called Second Wind’s Account Executive College.

Second Wind is a marketing industry association that is the leading trainer of advertising agency people worldwide. In the last 30 years they have trained over
15,000 agency professionals in a variety of subjects. Insight Marketing Design has been a long time member of this organization. The far-reaching, intensive course covered valuable areas of interest, including effective estimating, comprehensive and concise meeting reporting, project organization and increasing client satisfaction.

According to Roger, the most engaging subject covered was account planning. This key step in the marketing process focuses on the critical research necessary to
ensure our client’s messaging will truly differentiate them from the competition. Roger succinctly summed up the key take-away from this session as “Every client
wants more, whether it’s sales, enrollment, visits, etc., it’s Insight’s job to explore and identify the proper channels, demographics and delivery methods to produce the desired results to help our clients succeed”.

Everyone at Insight wants to congratulate Roger on graduating Account Executive College and earning his Account Manager Certification from Second Wind.
If you want to learn more about Roger’s experience at this valuable seminar or to discuss your marketing needs, give him a call at 605-275- 0011. But please don’t call his parents and let them know this time around he finished college in just two-days instead of four years.

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