October 2018

Is your website content still optimized?

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‘Out of sight, out of mind” is an axiom that is as true in the real world as it is in the digital world. If you’ve had your business website for years, chances are you may be suffering from “content hoarding” syndrome.

This search engine optimization disorder happens because people keep adding content to their website and never remove or update the old content.

Fortunately this condition probably won’t result in firemen finding your lifeless body under a ton of garbage, but it could hamper your website ROI.

The criteria that search engines use to rank your site is constantly changing, in some cases daily. So if the last time your site was optimized was a couple years ago, chances are you’re missing a lot of key information those search engines are now looking for. This also means you’re potentially missing a lot of potential customers.

Tossing out all the old is not necessarily a good strategy. If you notice the dates shown on your search results when you’re looking for something, you’ll see a fair amount that are from years ago. Many of those pages have likely been re-optimized, but retain their original urls. Content that has existed often has a substantial traffic and maybe even external links, which is good for SEO.

The best plan to deal with older site content, including blogs, is to review what is still valid, what is obsolete and what needs updating. Removing obsolete information helps your site appear relevant and current. Re-optimizing existing content makes it more searchable again — and more effective for your business. Another risk with older posts is that your site might be penalized (read: lowered in ranking) for practices that were once allowed but are now considered as a negative to the new search engine algorithms.

So remember, just like your garage at home, if you don’t clean out and freshen up your content every once in a while, it becomes an unproductive mess.

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