December 2018

Time to vote for Insight’s handmade ornaments!

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What do bottle caps, green skeletons and a rock have in common? They’re all perfect for creating a Christmas ornament. That is, if you work at Insight Marketing Design and need to come up with a unique and attention getting ornament for our annual ornament contest.

If you’ve seen past Insight handmade ornaments, you know things can get a little non-traditional.

This year didn’t disappoint. Starting with a set of four green skeletons dressed in their holiday finest, red feather included. Not to be outdone, one ornament featured a picture of a girl and her goat. I’m pretty sure that’s a classic holiday image, at least for goat herders.

Perhaps the best effort was one ornament artist who committed to drinking more than a few six packs of beer to acquire enough bottle caps to turn into a decorative tree hanger. That’s commitment! Naturally it wouldn’t be an Insight Christmas without a dangling pun, which was handled nicely by tying a jingle bell to a rock. (Think about it: you’re sure to get the gag.)

Rounding out the selection was a handmade lantern, a couple ball ornaments – one of string the other of paint, peppermint candies melted into holiday shapes, a friendly snowman baked to perfection and a touching memento to Rudolph the red nosed reindeer who obviously met with an untimely demise.

Now we get to the fun part – visit Insight’s Facebook page to see all the ornaments and to vote for your favorite. Everyone who votes will be entered to win a Christmas gift from Insight Marketing Design. Once all the votes are tallied, we’ll reveal the artist who created each ornament.

Happy holidays from Insight Marketing Design and don’t forget to vote!

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