January 2019

Are you really being social?

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It’s 2019, so let’s assume everyone who is reading this understands the value of including social media in their marketing mix. For those who haven’t embraced these social platforms, there is an estimated 3.3 billion people who are classified as active social media users. That’s a lot of folks who might like to talk to you.

The challenge many companies are having is actually the “social” aspect of social media.

All too often, companies treat their social media pages as one-way, information-dispersal platforms.

They force feed the information they want their audience to digest and move on. That’s not really being social, is it? Think back to one of the basic tenets of real-world social manners…conversation should be a dialogue not a monologue. People who only talk about themselves become tiresome very quickly. The same holds true for businesses in the social media arena.

So, how to you avoid being the party guest that everyone is trying to avoid? Simple, be actually social. Interact, respond, encourage two-way conversation, join in a conversation you didn’t start and even (gasp) post about things that don’t directly feature your product or services.

A recent research study of over 1,000 Americans on how people like to interact with brands on social media included these findings:

• 83% prefer it when brands respond to questions
• 68% prefer it when brands join in conversations
• 66% enjoy talking about timely events

Obviously being social on social media takes more time and effort than simply hitting the post button, but the payoff can be substantial in increased sales and consumer loyalty. If you find it difficult to be social, give Insight Marketing Design’s social media team a call. We love having two-way conversations.

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