March 2019

A simple trend in logos

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There’s been a change going on in the world of logo design and even the huge legacy companies are getting in on the act. Logos are getting simpler, less ornate and, some would say, even bland.

Just look at the new company logos for brands like Burberry, Dunkin’ Donuts and MasterCard. These major marketers have removed most of the unique elements that people have associated with their brands for decades. Heck, Dunkin’ Donuts went so far as to remove “Donuts” from their logo.

Why are so many brands simplifying their logos? Probably the biggest driver of this trend is digital marketing.

When most logos for older companies were designed, the idea of needing to be readable on a small portion of a 2’x1’ phone screen wasn’t even a consideration.

As part of this trend, “simple” has also come to be seen by some as “modern.” Inversely, logos with flourishes and flowery or detailed icons would be considered old-fashioned.

The risk with this ongoing logo simplification trend is that every company’s logo can end up looking like every other company’s logo. Losing uniqueness and blending in can cost a brand serious market share.

Over-simplification can also strip a logo of its “story.” Good logos create a feeling and indicate what a company is all about. Boring or bland is not the story most companies want to tell with their marketing materials.

At Insight Marketing Design we design a lot of logos for clients in a wide variety of industries.

We begin with the “story” of the brand and create logos that capture that core idea.

Once we’ve created a logo, we review it in every possible configuration and platform that it could possibly be used in. From black and white to mobile ads, we make sure the logo stands out and adds to the messaging.

The bottom line with logos is effective is more important than just simple. You can see many of the very “effective” logos Insight has created here. If your logo needs updating or you need a new one, simply give us a call at 605-275-0011 and we’ll show you how we can visually tell your story in the most effective way possible.

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