September 2019

Would a rose by any other name sell as well?

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Before we dive into this blog about naming, we’ll tip our hat to old William Shakespeare for inspiring the blog’s headline. To be fair, we also took the liberty of paraphrasing since the actual line spoken by Juliet was: “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” But enough with the classics, let’s get down to business.

The business of naming a company is one of the biggest challenges for both companies and agencies. The reasons for this difficulty include the subjective nature of a name. I hazard a guess that if some clever ad person approached International Business Machines (IBM) with the idea to change their name to Apple they would have been quickly shown the door. Another reason is it’s a very emotional decision. Some names just “feel” right, while others don’t. While this list of naming challenges could go on and on, we’ll end it with the reality that millions of new companies are registered every day…which makes creating a great name that no one else is using quite a task.

Of course, we at Insight Marketing Design love a challenge and we love naming new companies, renaming old companies, naming products, naming events, in fact you name it and we love naming it.

Insight has developed a proprietary naming process that our team uses to brand or rebrand our clients’ products, services and company names.

We’ve used this process for more than a decade. A few examples of names Insight has created recently include:

Gritline – This business sells truck parts for big rigs. The name conjures up strength and determination and perfectly reflects how the target market see themselves and what they demand from anything that goes on their trucks.

Dakota at Home – A state government division that connects people to services that allows them to age in their own homes. The name is warm and approachable and also provides assurance that this service is specific to South Dakota.

High-Test Ag – A manufacturer of bio-stimulants for the agricultural industry, this name spoke to quality and results. It also creates a feeling of energy and speed, both things that appeal to producers.

As you can see, names can create a mood and expectation that can help companies stand out and succeed. If you’re starting a new company, developing new products or renaming a business, be sure you give careful consideration to the name or even better, be sure to call Insight Marketing Design for some professional insights.

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