November 2019

Insight’s digital strategist re-certifies in three Google classifications

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Most people know that the internet is constantly changing. The way search engines deliver results is also constantly in a state of flux. To ensure marketing professionals know how to get the most out of their online marketing efforts, Google offers a series of exams. To remain Google certified requires completing many of these tests every year.

Insight’s lead digital strategist, Stuart Little, has just finished Google re-certification in three online marketing disciplines.

Even better, he received a perfect or extremely close to perfect score on every exam.

The three areas of re-certifications include:

• Display Advertising – This certification is earned by demonstrating the ability to develop effective strategies and campaigns that achieve specific marketing goals.

• Video Advertising – Internet users loves videos. This Google test focuses on demonstrating and understanding of effective storytelling on YouTube to reach potential customers along the entire purchase journey.

• Analytics – While not a direct marketing tool, Google Analytics is vital to ensure efficacy of online marketing efforts. This exam includes subjects such as methods of data collection, event tracking, creating custom metrics and advanced analysis.

In addition to these three certifications, he is already certified in Search Marketing.

If you’re an Insight digital client, you’ve seen how these all come together in our digital reports to create a clear picture of your online marketing efforts.

In addition to staying current in the latest online marketing tactics and strategies, keeping all our Google Certifications updated qualifies our firm as a Google Partner.
The professional classification offers many benefits, but one of the most important to our clients is that as a Google Partner we have access to Google Ads promotional offers that competitors may not.

Insight is committed to staying on the forefront of marketing technology and techniques. Our staff has advanced professional certifications in a wide variety of subjects, including online marketing and social media marketing.

If you see Stuart, be sure to congratulate him on his top-of-class re-certification scores or, better yet, talk to him about the amazing ROI you could be getting by working with Insight’s expert digital team.

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