April 2020

Insight introduces “Marketing During a Pandemic” newsletter

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The key to success is being proactive. This is even truer during the worldwide crisis that we’re all experiencing. COVID-19 has upended business as usual, but that doesn’t mean business has stopped.

The challenge many businesses are facing is what to do about marketing? While it may be tempting to stop everything and wait for the world to reset itself, that approach can cause irreparable damage to a brand. Once you lose brand awareness with consumers, it can be exceedingly expensive to earn it back, if you’re fortunate enough to not lose it forever.

For this reason Insight is offering businesses, organizations and government entities the opportunity to subscribe to Insight Marketing Design’s ongoing series of e-newsletters called “1-minute COVID-19 marketing tips”. The e-newsletters contain the newest trends, best practices and latest marketing news to help you successfully market during the pandemic. The tips will be a quick, approximately a one-minute read, featuring practical information you can use.

The tips will run the gamut from simple, inexpensive action items to larger undertakings that could make a significant difference in your brand’s ability to recover after the crisis has ended.

Insight’s free tips e-newsletter will only be received by those who opt-in. Just click the link below to subscribe. You may unsubscribe at any time.

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If you’d like to discuss specific coronavirus marketing strategies for your business or organization, gives us a call at 605-275-0011 or send us an email.

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