August 2020

Do new

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In addition to heightened anxiety, doubts and confusion, the COVID-19 crisis has also brought a tsunami of boredom. So many of the common things people did to entertain themselves have become unavailable or are now considered too risky. No more drinks at the bar after work, no live concerts, no big parties and the list goes on. This has resulted in a serious dearth of excitement.

Companies that bring something new and exciting to market during the COVID-19 crisis have a good chance of garnering more interest from consumers than they may have received during pre-pandemic times. 

New products, new services and even new go-to-market methods could boost consumer engagement, attract more attention and increase buzz on social media platforms — providing increased awareness of your brand.

New releases from companies also provide an ideal time to increase marketing activity. This will maximize the impact of the new product or service introduction and additionally will build sales through increased store or website traffic. 

So, if you’ve been waiting for things to return to normal before you release something new to the marketplace, you may be missing a prime opportunity.

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