August 2020

Don’t become a pest.

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It’s understandable that many businesses have been operating in panic-mode. Sales are down! People aren’t spending money! There’s no end in sight for the battered economy. While these are among a long list of valid concerns during the COVID-19 crisis, how brands react to these pressures will have much to do with which ones emerge successfully from this difficult time.

The first reaction for many businesses may be to turbocharge their low-cost marketing efforts, such as email or social media platforms. 

  • Why send those who have opted into our email list just one message every two weeks, when we can send them one every day!
  • Why follow brand engagement tactics that provide a perceived value on our social media when we can flood them with 50 hard-sell offers every day? 

While inundating your customers with ads may seem like a proactive step in these difficult times, the end result will be an increase in email opt-outs, dwindling social media followers and the near-impossible task of trying to win back customers you’ve lost due to this approach.

This is not to say that revising your marketing strategy during difficult times is a bad idea. Just know that not respecting consumers’ time and boundaries is never a good idea, pandemic or not. 

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