August 2020

Share your know-how.

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Thanks to the seemingly never-ending pandemic restrictions many people are still stuck at home. Unfortunately many are also out of work or working less than in the past. 

While most can entertain themselves for awhile, as the months roll by people are quickly reaching a crisis level of boredom. They’re looking for something productive to do with their time. This is where smart marketers come in.

Creating videos, posting project instructions or even inviting people to sign up for regular emails that feature sharing of your expertise in virtually any subject can be effective ways to build your brand awareness and also garner significant good will.

The “lessons” you provide can be presented in a single lesson format or as a series that encourages return visits or ongoing email contact. They can feature practical ways to save money with do-it-yourself projects, artistic endeavors or just plain fun activities. You can target adults, children (with the consent of an adult), teens or even seniors. 

The key to everyone benefiting from your efforts is that the knowledge you share reflects your brand positioning and provides real value to the participants. Just remember many people are searching for something to do now that the standard time killers like binge-watching TV and baking sourdough bread have lost their luster.

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Stay informed and stay well.

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