September 2020

How do I know if my marketing is dated?

Asking yourself these three quick questions can help you understand if your marketing is dated.

Does your marketing deliver the results you expect?
Setting marketing goals and tracking performance will provide you tangible data on which to base future marketing initiatives. If you see downward response trends that may mean your marketing materials have lost effectiveness and may require updating to re-energize sales.

Is your marketing still relevant to your target market?
Times change, tastes change, trends change, needs change. Consumer opinions and desires are constantly in flux. Consumer market research can provide insight in to what customers are looking for and what they feel is important. Comparing this information to the messaging within your marketing material can help identify if your efforts are still resonating with your key market.

Does your marketing truly reflect your brand?
Companies and organizations evolve over the years. For marketing to be effective it must accurately portray the experience the customers will have when they interact with your brand. If it doesn’t, consumers will be disappointed and could very likely be lost to your competitors.

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