September 2020

Learn from where we’ve been.

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It has been months (though some would say it feels like years) since businesses have had to adjust to operating during a worldwide pandemic. There have been numerous challenges, false starts and, on an optimistic note, new opportunities.

We’ve all become veterans of this seemingly never-ending battle. But the one thing we all have now, that we didn’t in the beginning, is actual experience for this type of crisis. 

Smart marketers know that every effort should be treated as a learning opportunity. Collecting data and tracking what has worked and what has not worked is invaluable to future success. This many months into the crisis we should have fairly clear ideas of which mediums, messages and outreach efforts have been effective and which have not been effective.

Of course, most people didn’t expect the pandemic to last this long and considered marketing tactics to be only a short-term fix. Now we know differently so if you haven’t been collecting data, now is the time to review the steps you’ve taken and the results they’ve delivered. 

Eliminating marketing efforts that haven’t worked and focusing your budget on those that have worked can help you get the highest return on your marketing investment and put you in a better position to weather whatever may come next.

The COVID-19 crisis isn’t over yet but at least we all have valuable marketing data that we didn’t have before.

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