September 2020

Why should a company run online and social media marketing campaigns?

One of the most important marketing resources available to businesses today is the Internet. Few marketing outlets offer the wide array of benefits, techniques and audiences that are currently accessible online. The Internet has become the main source people use to find instant information about products, businesses and services.

Online marketing incorporates search engine marketing (SEM), social media marketing (SMM), email marketing and video – all of which generate hundreds of millions of interactions per day.

In addition to reach, digital marketing offers multiple benefits for businesses: 

  • It’s affordable
    In fact, it’s considerably less expensive than traditional advertising techniques. It offers precise targeting options that allow advertisers to engage the right customers with pinpoint accuracy.
  • It’s highly measurable
    Online marketing allows for detailed insights into the behavior of potential customers.
  • It’s interactive
    Online users engage with your online media campaigns.
  • Its flexible
    Advertisers creatively present an advertising message in multiple formats. And, through mobile phones, it’s in the pocket of almost every consumer.

By enacting a cohesive digital marketing strategy, companies of any size can cost-effectively focus on reaching new customers, engaging existing customers, enhancing overall brand awareness, and increasing sales to grow their business.

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