October 2020

Have you heard about sonic logos?

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Whether you know it or not, you’re exposed to sonic logos all the time. Like a visual logo, a sonic logo is a way to improve your brand’s memorability. On a deeper level, they’re designed to create stronger emotional connections between brands and consumers than standard visual logos can create.

A sonic logo is simply a few musical notes, a specific voice or non-human sounds that typical accompany a visual logo or audio mention of your brand.

The most effective sonic logos align the sounds to reflect your brand positioning.

The rational for using sonic logos is that people react to sound up to 100 times faster than sight. The human brain takes approximately .25 seconds to recognize visuals compared to .05 seconds to recognize sounds.

Sound also has a very strong connection to human emotions and, combined with appropriate imagery, it can create an instantly identifiable mood.

So, what’s the right sonic logo for your brand? It all depends on what emotions you want your brand to portray. For example, lower tones often reflect despair or sadness, mid-range tones typically denote hopefulness or love, while higher-end tones can indicate anxiety or frustration.

The real power of sonic logos comes from repetition. The more times your target market hears your signature sounds, the stronger connection it makes. Over time, well-produced sonic logos can stand alone and remind people of your brand just by hearing it.

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