December 2020

Put your employees in the spotlight

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Everyone is getting excited about the promise of a return to normal that the new COVID-19 vaccines may offer. And while it is certainly great news, it will still be a while until enough people receive the vaccine to make a significant difference in how we go about our daily lives. 

One way you can continue to promote your business and products during (hopefully) the last few months of the pandemic and to be better prepared for what comes next is to encourage your employees to share fun things about themselves on your social media platforms.

Employees getting actively involved on your social media platforms can provide multiple benefits:

  • It’s a great way to highlight your company’s culture
  • It introduces your team members to customers and potential customers
  • It makes your posts more approachable and relatable

When customers return to your business in the real world,  having “met” your employees online can make them feel more comfortable and help grow brand loyalty.

Before you post any employee-generated content you’ll want to review it to ensure it is appropriate for your brand. You can also suggest subjects or creative projects for them to share.

Making connections between your employees and customers is a great way to build long-term relationships and to make your employees feel like an important part of your business. 

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